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Ordering your Planter Plantings couldn't be easier!

  • 1) measure your planter Height (top to bottom)
  • 2) measure your planter Width (side-to-side for round; front to back for square )
  • 3) if planter is rectangular (trough) order through Window Box Plantings
  • 4) select the appropriate drop-down Options for your circumstances
  • 5) proceed through Check Out
Fall Plantings begin in September. Season's cheer!
Additional information below.
Our Price: $80.00

Product Code: PLNTGS-F18-PLNTRS

Planter Height < 16":

Planter Height > 16" and < 20":

Planter Height >20" and <24":

Planter Height > 24" and <30":

Planter Height 30" and up to 40":

Sun/Shade Conditions*:

Facade Surface*:

Facade Trim Color*:

Proximity to street/ground level*:


The Planter Plantings selection includes an assortment of plants and flowers showcasing the current season. Price shown is for a Planter up to 16" H and up to 12" W. Measure your Planter(s) for height and width, then find the corresponding drop-down menu to order the corresponding Plantings. Provide additional order information and preferences through the drop-down menus and proceed to Check-Out. Note: Planters are stand alone containers typically round or square, window boxes are facade-attached rectangular planting boxes. Please see Window Box Plantings for your window boxes. The Proximity to Street applies for each of your Planters, otherwise additional fees may apply - please contact us. * For troughs or rectangular planters, please order through Window Box Plantings category and provide notes at Check-Out.