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Ordering your Window Box Plantings couldn't be easier!

  • 1) measure your window box Width (front to back)
  • 2) measure your window box Length (left to right)
  • 3) select the appropriate drop-down Options for your circumstances
  • 4) proceed through Check Out
Fall Plantings begin in September. Season's cheer!

Additional information below.

Our Price: $100.00

Product Code: PLNTGS-F18-WB

Window Box Width up to 6"*:

Window Box Width up to 8"*:

Window Box Width up to 10"*:

Window Box Width up to 12"*:

Existing Window Box Type*:


Sun/Shade Conditions*:

Facade Surface*:

Facade Trim Color*:

Proximity to street/ground level*:

The Window Box Plantings selection includes an assortment of vertical, mounding and trailing flowers and plants. Price of $100 shown is for a Window Box up to 6"W and up to 24" L. Measure your window boxes for Width and Length, then find the corresponding drop-down menu to order the corresponding Plantings. Provide additional order information and preferences through the drop-down menus and proceed to Check-Out. Note: Window boxes are facade-attached rectangular planting boxes, planters are stand alone containers typically round or square, Please see Planter Plantings for your planters. Be certain to select the appropriate Proximity to Street category as additional fees may apply.