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While window boxes may be ordered now, due to the short 3-week plantings installation window for Winter/Holiday Plantings - there are no new window box installations in the Winter/Holiday season. Window box installations will recommence January 2018. Please also note, window boxes take anywhere from 4-8 weeks from order placement to installation in any season, so ordering now - as a gift, perhaps - will guarantee an installation in time for Spring Plantings!

For the Winter/Holiday season, why not opt for a Philly Facades Pre-Planted Planter? It'll bring the best of the season right to your doorstep!

The Vinyl window boxes offered through Philly FACADES are sub-irrigated (a shallow water holding tank) making it that much easier for your plants to thrive. The molded polyethylene vinyl is fade-proof and durable guaranteeing years of facade enhancement.

These window boxes are a classic-look option for the busy urban dweller! NOTE: Pricing is based on ground level/ first level street access installation. Please contact us prior to ordering if your installation is not as above. Additionally fees may apply.

Window boxes are non-refundable, non-returnable as they are custom made and/or order-specific (sourced per customer order). Installation service ($25 per box ground level) included in the purchase price, is based on standard, routine residential facade materials and conditions. Customers may need to hire industrial-grade installers requiring non-standard and/or non-routine tools, materials and conditions. If unsure as to your particular installation, please contact us and include pictures.